Why the Quality of Your Essential Oils Matters

I had been considering purchasing my essential oils kit for about two years before I took the plunge. I had tried a few brands but had not found any real success with them. Some of them even made me feel quite ill: migraines, nausea, and they just didn’t smell good. Finally, after dealing with a years-long issue with one of my children and finding zero answers, I decided to ask my friend, Kathy, for her recommendation. I knew that she was an avid user of Young Living essential oils and that she would give me a well-thought-out list of resources to try. She did, I did, and that is why I am here today to tell you why the quality of your essential oils matters.

Why the Quality of Your Essential Oils Matters

As I previously mentioned, one of my kids needed some help. We had been dealing with a bed-wetting issue for way too long in our house, and we were to the point where it was beginning to affect this child’s self-esteem. Not to mention the constant washing of bedding and trying of remedies that never seemed to help. We cut out drinks before bed, tried waking this child up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, encouraged more potty breaks throughout the day, had allergy testing done, did sleep testing to find out if there was a sleep apnea issue, and more, all to no avail. We were exhausted! And we didn’t know what else to do or try. Doctors did not have any more options for us except to try an alarm at night or to begin giving this kiddo steroids. No, thank you!

The recommendation given to me by my sweet friend was to purchase a bottle of Cypress essential oil, make up a roller bottle, and have my child begin rolling it across the belly each night before bed. We did this and almost immediately began seeing results. There was a night with no wet sheets; then three nights; then two weeks; and before long, it was normal and expected for this child to wake up dry every single morning. After a short while with no regression, we were able to stop the nightly roll-on routine, and still no more wetting. Hallelujah, we had found an answer!

Honestly, I wish I had thought to actually keep a log of the timeframe so I could give better details and simply to know for myself. I don’t know exactly what was going on with my child’s body that couldn’t prevent this nighttime bedwetting, but one little bottle of Cypress essential oil apparently held the key to the support that was needed. This is how I knew that quality definitely matters and that Youg Living essential oils were the only way to go for me when I did decide to purchase my own premium starter kit.

Why I Share About Essential OIls

I am so happy and grateful that my friend never stopped sharing her knowledge about essential oils with me. She consistently and patiently answered my questions. She truly wanted to help me find success for my family and was willing to share the resources that she had access to with me.

One bottle of quality essential oils changed the trajectory of my family’s life. We are still on the journey. We have learned so much along the way and there is still much more to be discovered. I can’t keep quiet about the ways our family benefits from the addition of essential oils and supplements to our daily lives and the best way to invest in family wellness.

If you’d like to learn more about essential oils and their benefits, feel free to scroll around Oils, Goals, and Grace. Or learn more about each oil in the kit and why the quality of your essential oils matters when you attend my upcoming class.

How do you use essential oils each day? Share your tips with me in the comments!

Best Cyber Monday Sale Ever!

Black Friday was last week and wow, did we have some amazing products on sale! Our team added new members, gained new friends, and many of us were able to stock up on the best essential oils, supplements, and cleaning and hygiene products on the planet! And there’s so much more beyond those three categories. I really didn’t think it could get any better, but I was wrong. Tomorrow we get to be a part of the best Cyber Monday sale ever, and I want YOU to be a part of it.

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As you shop for #gifts this #cybermonday, stock up on the best #essentialoils on the planet! Cleaning products, supplements, mineral makeup and more.

Best Cyber Monday Sale Ever!

Young Living has announced their sales for tomorrow, and I am so thrilled about what is up for grabs. Be sure to log in to you virtual office early and order what you want because, when we have sales like this, items DO go out of stock!

But wait! Maybe you aren’t a member yet. Don’t worry, that is one reason I am telling you about this now. You have plenty of time to go ahead and enroll today. Then, when the sale goes LIVE tomorrow morning, you can log right in and place your Quick Order. Easy-Peasy!

What should you stock up on?

What do you want to purchase for yourself?

Is there someone on your Christmas list who would appreciate an oil-infused gift?

Who do you know that needs to invest in their own wellness? Make sure you tell them about this sale, too! There is no better time to dive into this new lifestyle than now.

Listed below are the items you can get tomorrow at 20% off, so be sure you make your list and check it twice.

Thieves Favorites

Thieves is one of the most popular essential oils that Young Living offers. Thieves Vitality offers wonderful support for the immune system, but there is an entire line of Theives-infused products that I love to use, and you will, too. These items are a safe alternative to the toxic products you may be using in your home. Make a list of items you use and find an item on this list to replace it with – then do a switch and ditch!

As you shop for #gifts this #cybermonday, stock up on the best #essentialoils on the planet! Cleaning products, supplements, mineral makeup and more.


Dish Soap | 5350D | $11.20
Foaming Hand Soap Refill 32 oz. | 3594D | $31.60
Foaming Hand Soap | 3674D | $10.60
Fruit & Veggie Soak | 5352D | $15.80
Laundry Soap | 5349D | $23.60
AromaBright Toothpaste 4 oz. | 3039D | $8.40
Dental Floss 1 ct. | 4463122D | $2.60
Dishwasher Powder | 5762D | $20.40
Household Cleaner 14.4 oz. | 3743D | $18.00
Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash 8 oz | 3683D | $9.00

Savvy Minerals

Oh, when Young Living began offering a makeup line last summer everyone went gaga over it. A non-toxic, mineral makeup? Yes, please. I can’t wait to buy one for my 9-year-old when she starts wearing makeup, and I already use it myself. It goes on smoothly and looks beautiful. Makeup is also a wonderful gift idea or stocking stuffer.


Spoiled | 20784D | $12.20
Freedom | 20856D | $12.20
Inspired | 21022D | $12.20


Adore | 21295D | $18.20
Daydream | 21292D | $18.20
On A Whim | 21293D | $18.20

Misting Spray, 2 oz. | 21397D | $12.00
Poppy Seed Lip Scrub | 23749D | $18.20


Cool No. 1 | 20776D | $35.20
Cool No. 2 | 20775D | $35.20
Cool No. 3 | 20773D | $35.20
Warm No. 1 | 20777D | $35.20
Warm No. 2 | 20774D | $35.20
Warm No. 3 | 20772D | $35.20
Dark No. 1 | 20858D | $35.20
Dark No. 2 | 20859D | $35.20
Dark No. 3 | 20860D | $35.20
Dark No. 4 | 20861D | $35.20

Ningxia Red

Ningxia Red is a supplement I drink every day. It is a delicious, power-packed supplement drink that supports several body systems, including your respiratory, digestive, and immune systems. This is perfect timing as we head into the holidays and winter. Stock up!

As you shop for #gifts this #cybermonday, stock up on the best #essentialoils on the planet! Cleaning products, supplements, mineral makeup and more.

Ningxia Singles 30 Count | 3525D | $69.60
NingXia Red 2 pack | 3042D | $58.40
NingXia Red 4 pack | 3044D | $104.60
NingXia Nitro | 3064D | $31.80
NingXia Wolfberries | 6360D | $20.40


Many of us who already drink Ningxia Red regularly love to add essential oils to our daily dose. Personally, I often add a drop from one or more of these: Copaiba, Lemon, Grapefruit, Frankincense, Orange, and Red Shot.

Red Shot has not be available for purchase often since I joined this amazing company nearly two years ago. Tomorrow something extra special is happening with this well-loved blend…..

Young Living is extremely generous, and they are offering this SEVERELY LIMITED holiday goodie for free to the first 65,000 orders over 250PV (approximately $250) on Cyber Monday starting at 8AM MST!

What now?

Okay, after all that, what will you order?

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