Grace Alone


This is the word that God keeps impressing upon my heart, that it is to be my one word for the New Year. That word has sat up there, alone, for a few weeks now, just waiting for me to get back here and start writing about it. Why I chose it, what it means to me, what I expect to learn about it. But that’s just it. I don’t think I fully understand why God gave me the word grace.

Grace alone.

God’s grace has been seen and understood in various ways during my life. I have experienced His grace and grace from others. Grace has been extended from me to friends, family, and strangers from time to time. But I think He wants me to learn more. To experience more. And more fully. Both giving and receiving grace.

I am equally excited and terrified by the prospect of experiencing God’s grace in its fullest form. What will be required of me? Will I need to go through even more hurt? What is to come for me and my family through this year of grace?

God wants to teach me about grace alone. His grace in my life, how to pour grace out on others as I keep learning to receive it more fully from His hands.

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Grace Alone

When you research the word grace, you find it in many forms. Grace is defined as elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action. Or it can mean favor or goodwill.

My 4th child and second daughter’s middle name is Grace.

As a name Grace has a few meanings.

  • English – God’s favor.
  • Irish – Love.
  • Latin and American – Grace.

I have also read synonyms for grace, some of which are mercifulness, charity, leniency, compassion, benevolence, and clemency.

The English and Irish meanings are of particular interest to me. I am partially Irish. But also because God taught me so much about love in 2018. What it is, what it isn’t, how to express it more fully. I feel that, in many ways, grace and love are one and the same. And something resonates deep within me with the word compassion in relation to the word grace. Our God is a compassionate God. And I need His compassion. I feel compassion. I often crave compassion from others.

The Beginning of Grace

This is really all I have been given so far about my one word. God wants to continue teaching me about love, but in the form of grace. I don’t have a clear picture of what that will entail. But then, if I did, I wouldn’t likely need this word as my word for the New Year, would I?

I have a suspicion that this learning about grace will encompass its varied forms, and I don’t know quite what to expect. There is still much praying about and studying of the word (the word grace and God’s Word) to be done. I expect to experience the raining down of His grace upon me throughout the new year, and that He will enable me to pour grace out on others, even as I learn to receive it more fully from His hands.

Do you choose a word for the year? Share it in the comments and tell me why you chose that word. I always love to hear more about what others are learning!