Why Self Care is So Important

Moms often forget to take care of themselves. You are constantly putting everyone else’s needs before your own, because that is what moms do. You love, you sacrifice, you care for others. However, when you ignore your own needs over a long period of time, it can really begin to take a toll on your mental and physical health. If you want to be the wife and mom you are meant to be, it is important that you take time for self care. Learning why self care is so important will help you to pay attention to the cues your body gives when it has had enough, and even take proactive steps before your body begins sending out SOS signals.

Self care for moms is crucial, and many of us simply don't take the time. Come learn why self care is so important and gain tools to make it happen!

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Why Self Care is So Important

Self-care helps keep your mental health under control. When you never get a moment to come up for air in life you are more likely to fall prey to stress and anxiety. Taking self care steps can even help support your emotions. Time alone, exercise, and participating in a hobby you enjoy are all wonderful self care activities which support your mental health.

Activities such as running, working out at the gym, and going to yoga classes all help improve your overall physical health, and they definitely fall into the ‘self care’ category. While carving out time for a workout you enjoy can be a challenge, the truth is that moving your body helps you keep up with daily life better by improving your overall fitness and health.

Promoting Confidence and Calm

Taking care of yourself can give you a boost in confidence. So often moms today get stuck in the yoga pants and messy bun habit. There is definitely space in everyone’s lives for the messy-hair-don’t-care kind of days. But when you are too busy focusing on everyone else, and you are continually running out the door hoping you don’t see someone you know, it’s time to slow down and assess your life. Taking a bit of time for self care before going out can help you feel more confident and less stressed. And you are worth it!

Don’t Perpetuate the ‘Busy’ Beast

We live in a society where busy has become a status symbol for some. Many are “too busy” to find time for themselves. Everyone gets busy, but living in a never-ending cycle of busy-ness and neglecting yourself doesn’t set the best example. This lifestyle teaches your children that being too busy to care for themselves is okay. As mom, you do not want to perpetuate the idea that self care is not important. This belief often leads women and children to become overstressed. Stress can exacerbate bouts of depression and other mental illnesses. Even the healthiest and most well-adjusted child (and mom!) can be made ill if they are always on the go and don’t attend to their own needs.

Taking care of others is often how women love. This is a good thing! But let’s be sure to take care of our own physical, spiritual, and mental needs so that we can pour out the excess on those we love. Then we will all be better off in the long run!

One way you can begin to take care of yourself now is by learning how to make the New Year your best year.  Gain tools for supporting your emotional, spiritual, and physical needs as we move into 2019, and receive lots of mom encouragement as you learn!

Self care for moms is crucial, and many of us simply don't take the time. Come learn why self care is so important and gain tools to make it happen!

Do you need ideas for how to incorporate self care into your life? Check out these simple acts of self care to refresh your life.

Do you have a self care routine that you follow? If not, what steps can you take today to create one? Share in the comments so others can get ideas and we can cheer one another on toward this goal of mental, physical, and spiritual health in the new year!